As people get older they need to make arrangements on how to handle their estate, and their personal interests in the event of sickness or death. Contrary to popular belief, an individual’s parents, spouse or significant other are not always automatically empowered to make these decisions on thei...

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You may recall in my last newsletter the concept of only needing to focus on ‘three’ areas to help grow a business and improve its profitability. Many business development books and consultants argue there are numerous aspects to consider. However, if you think of any business strategy y...

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What are the differences between a person being an employee or a contractor? Many business owners ask me this question.  This article should help clarify some of your concerns. It is important that you understand the differences as a number of government organisations are continually reviewing the...

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Planning on buying equipment?  If you plan to purchase a depreciating asset (e.g. computers, machinery, cars), here’s what you can claim before 30 June. On 1 July 2002 the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) introduced new depreciation rules. The changes significantly increased the amount a bus...

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Useful check for claiming your entitled deductions

Motor Vehicle Checklist

Are you claiming all you’re entitled to? RAA Membership, Parking, Car Insurance? Use this motor vehicle checklist as a guide to help maximise your vehicle related tax deductions.


Rental Property Checklist

Investment properties incur a number of expenses. Strata fees, insurance, interest and any repairs or maintenance just to name a few. Use this checklis to assist claiming all that you're entitled to.


Individual Tax Return Checklist

At the end of the financial year it can be a daunting tasks preparing your Individual Tax Return for lodgement. Use this checklist to assist with collecting all the information you'll need.