Establishing your own business can be a fantastic way to help achieve your goals and create wealth, flexibility and the ability to undertake the work you excel at and enjoy.

Unfortunately, there can be many risks in establishing and running your own business.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 51% of businesses established in 2008 were no longer in operation in 2011.

It is essential that prior to setting up your business you get good advice.  MJN Accounting can ensure that your new business:

  • Has a sound business proposition and that you have considered competitors, pricing and your unique set of skills and experience
  • Complies with regulations, for instance, permits, builders licencing, insurance
  • Confirms with taxation & GST requirements
  • Won't threaten your personal assets, we can make a plan for what happens if it all goes wrong

At MJN we have extensive experience with assisting our clients establish successful businesses. We work with our clients to ensure their business continues to meet their goals and objectives.

Useful check for claiming your entitled deductions

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