GST compliance is a burden that many business owners struggle to comply with while juggling all the other activities involved in running a business.

We assist our clients by setting them up on an easy and user-friendly online accounting system (we use xero for our business too).  Xero enables us to logon from anywhere to review our client’s information, monitor their business and provide them with accurate and timely advice without having the interruptions of sending files back and forth.

In order to ease the burden of bookkeeping and GST, we have a number of options which can assist you and reduce your compliance obligations.

  1. We undertake all bookkeeping and GST compliance.

    Many small businesses do not have the time or expertise to prepare and comply with the GST requirements.  Our staff can prepare and lodge the GST return on your behalf.
  2. We assist and train you to undertake your own GST "user friendly" tools.

    There are a number of excellent tools and software packages (we recommend and use that can simplify the bookkeeping for you. By spending time training you to use a user-friendly software package you can soon cover the GST process with the confidence that you are meeting your compliance obligations.
  3. We review and lodge your GST returns

    A few clients prefer to undertake all bookkeeping themselves but want the assurance that the information they are lodging with the ATO is correct. We review BAS returns prior to lodgement to provide our clients with peace of mind.

All of the solutions MJN Accounting provide help you free up your time to focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy.  Partner with us and you can be more productive and, in turn, generate more income from your business activities.

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