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A common discussion around the dinner table with our kids is ‘who is the favourite child?’.

We have three teenagers so the debating is intense about the virtues they all possess and why they should be named as the favourite. One night, about two years ago when the debate was memorably strong, they pushed us to answer. So, we did … and it wasn’t the answer they were expecting.

We told them that it was Coco … our dog!

After they thought about it for a few minutes they all agreed that she was indeed the favourite child and it has since put the discussion to rest.

Tell-tale signs that Coco is the favourite child:

  • She can get mud on her feet, then walk on the bed covers and not get in trouble. (If I leave a spot on the covers I live in fear!)
  • Toys are left around the house and not a word spoken.
  • She gets a treat each time my wife leaves the house – even if it is just for a few minutes. (I’m lucky to get a pat on the head).
  • Coco has had more spent on her medically than I would be allowed to spend on myself (well, not really, but we would probably think twice about it!).

Coco came to our family as a puppy about 6 years ago and is definitely part of the family. If you have ever seen the movie The Secret Life of Petsthe first 15 minutes must have been written about Coco … waiting patiently for my wife to come home each day.

Just after we got Coco as a puppy, she was playing cricket with the kids on the lawn and got hit in the eye with a tennis ball. Sadly, as a result, she lost sight in this eye. Fortunately, she has adapted well, and you only really notice sometimes when she turns her head and bumps into something. Aside from this it hasn’t affected her.

At the time of her mishap, we were lucky that we had pet insurance and all Coco’s vet bills were covered. Did you know that there are eye specialists for dogs? They charge as much as human eye specialists!

Despite having only one good eye, she takes her guard dog duties very seriously by patrolling our boundary fence (we have a walkway next to our house) and ensures that no one gets by unnoticed. This applies especially to the two dogs up the street (called Pepsi and Max). Evidently, we don’t give her enough appreciation for this work!

Coco is very much a part of our family and I can say she is definitely my wife’s favourite!

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